Hartmann+Associates was founded by Peter Hartmann and Lise Baltzer in response to a growing demand from learned societies and associations, who are seeking advice on their publisher relations, and authors looking for support and guidance in seeing their books through publication.

Peter has been a free lance publishing consultant since 2002 and has over the years assisted a number of authors and societies, as well as provided services to publishers, the industry and companies.

During 2008, opportunities arose for Peter and Lise to work together, and the idea for Hartmann+Associates was born.

Peter and Lise, who are former colleagues in publishing, between them have over 40 years of publishing experience as managing director and publishing director. They have worked with many national, regional and

international societies on scientific and medical journals publishing, and are well aware of the multiple issues that societies and associations are facing when deciding how to develop their journal, plan for editorial succession, and increase the impact of the journal in the scientific community, and at the same time balance the needs and requirements of their members.

Many years of book publishing experience is now provided by Peter to the benefit of authors and editors who are seeking advice on the publishing contract or any part of the publishing process.

Today, Hartmann+Associates is fronted by Peter, while Lise and other publishing specialists provide input as necessary depending on the needs of the client.


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